When I first started my career I was open to trying anything to get hired. That was the result of working at Josten’s for several years. It was a good stable job, but we took our skills and left our creative child at the door where it was cold. There are some artists who are very good at that. Not a bad thing, much of the graphics and illustrations you see today are from the 9—5 artist who can really sit down and commit themselves to the conditions at hand. What I am trying to say, I am not one of those artists. I know because I tried many times. I never really completely understood myself, but learned to work around it. My day is not 9—5, more like 4—7, sleep, 11—3 sleep and 6—8. Back to the “try anything” I was desperate to do interesting and different things. I generally have about 5—10 projects going on simultaneously, some get done today, some never get done.

I am Lynette Yencho.  Not a writer, not a cartoonist, but a long-time illustrator.  I hope you enjoy my stories all the same and even more hopefully I don’t bore you to death. I am grateful for the comments or suggestions you might have about the website and work within so please do drop me a line if you want to nit-pick.

The point of this webcomic is to have fun.  So lets.

As I had claimed, I am a professional illustrator, and I do have some “try anything” pieces on my shop website, lynetteyencho.com  Please go check them out!