I grew up in a small town like Owanana but I was ready to leave it the very minute I graduated from high school. With a desire to be a graphic designer, no one knew what that was back in the 80’s, I knew I had to move to the big city to get that kind of work. I was a traditional designer, with glue and amberlith, and I got to illustrate once in a while too.

Semi-retired, I want to full-fill a few dreams. Now with computers, I can work anywhere and I will continue to freelance and live out my fantasy. That fantasy is to live a life where there is only peace and no surprises. So, I bought an old house I saw online. It is in a small town so I will be slowing down a bit. That is fine with me.

Frankie, my dog and I are moving to a place we have never seen. How do you like that for an adventure?