Have a seat. This is a new page where  I will show progress in the paintings I am doing, techniques, and answer questions.

Interested in prints?  This particular painting will be a while but I have other stuff:


So you can check out the process here:

The Queen and The Elephant



*How do you open yourself up?  I pay a lot of attention to dreams and day dreams but there is so much more and it is often outside myself like library, web, book stores. In this case, I was looking at Pinterest braids and the new and beautiful ways people are doing their hair.

**How can this happen? With this painting I was sitting down a lot and probably too close.  I was actually nursing a bad back and standing was a little painful.  Alas, you have to get up and look form a distance always!  I learned that back in high school but looks like I need to learn it again.  One might say the digital camera can be a very good tool for this as well.


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