I get a few questions and some are actually duplicate so I have decided to have a Questions/Answers page.  New to web comics myself, it is an adventure for me as well. I will keep questioners anonymous here but if you want to be visible, please do find the comments section at the bottom of each comic page.  It is fun to discuss the cartoons with readers!

Q. Your drawings are fascinating, but I don’t know how to respond to your comments part.

A. There might be a few pages that don’t have comments.  At first I was afraid to allow them because I didn’t need any mud slinging in the beginning. But I am over it so at the bottom of each comic there is a Discussion section. (see image below)  Click on the “Enter your comment here” and it will ask for your name and email.  Only your name will show up  and then your comment goes to me.  I will decide if it is relevant to the discussion and post it if it is. It won’t go up right away but I try to look at these things daily.

Q. Whatever got you going on this?