Welcome to Fiddlehead Studio! This is where you can get some goodies just for asking! This is stuff I do for practice. Sometimes I work from life, sometimes out of my head, sometimes I really like a photo I see and steel it. The point is, I am doing just what I want. If you see something here that looks familiar, meaning your photo, your dog, your cat, bird, fish. Well then, you lucky dog. Your photo has been chosen and it’s yours!

If you are local, you can just contact me and we can arrange for you to have it. Long-distance, I ask you to feed the kitty: A rounded figure of $5 but also contact me with your name and address and I will mail it to you. Please don’t feel obligated, I can also set it aside for you or just keep it, or give it to someone else!

Would you like a portrait but don’t see your loved one here? Request. I do these on commission and here is the low-down on prices and sizes and how you can order. The images below are watercolor pencils on paper, about 11″x15″ and they are priced at $125. Just email me.




Sweet Piper.

Patti’s cat, Emily…claimed


Thirteen years ago my neighbor brought home this beautiful girl.  She was a little intimidating with her size and choppers but she was always ready to greet me at the fence with her big ol’ grin. Through the years I have watched her play with the children and let babies crawl over her, gentle and patient. What a love, and this summer they lost her as we often do our little friends.  So sorry neighbor, here is a gift. May she always be in the back of your mind like she is mine whenever I look to your yard.

I love a good Triss!

Milo was fun. Is he really that cynical?

This is Sparky

This one was not hard to make beautiful! And she was claimed!


Needs a home:




Note, I reserve the right to make changes on agreements or refuse inquiries if I consider them unreasonable.


One of my favorite Facebook pals always has these beautiful photos of her ranch and animals. This cat reminds me of Newton, a Norwegian Forest cat I had in St Paul. Love you Newt. Watercolor pencil on wc paper, 11″ x 15″. claimed


This is Mara & Nickie. They are the neighborhood faeries I caught in my garden last summer. Watercolor pencil on wc paper. 16″x10.