So much done this week, so little done. The comic is set to go live on September 9, but with a few snaggles, technical and emotional, I seem to be spinning my wheels. No matter. New kitten so sweet.

Not sure what came over me.  Michael came across this little sweetheart  from one of his clients.  They found her at the fair grounds, hiding between the semi trucks.  We helped in the quest to find a new home and to no avail.

“What are you thinking?” He texted me.

“Same thing you are.” I texted back.  We both know we can’t really afford it, just having a family vet visit with three cats and three dogs.  But the  kitten’s hero could not keep cats where she lived.  It was then I remembered an old friend of mine, no longer living, I always check myself.  At times like these I would ask myself, “what would Paulette do?”  We both knew what the answer was there.   So, meet Gracie.

She is so sweet, just needs to learn a few manners.  Needles!

But things got better once I knew my place.  Gettin’ back to the strip.