As a figurative painter, I have to add here that I am also fond of abstractions. In my world, I can walk right past a Rembrandt (not that often) on my way to a Mark Rothko and be reduced to tears.  Later, when I looked him up, I found out that that was his intention. He worked a lot with emotion.  I don’t know why I was sobbing.  Was it the personal connection I developed with a color?  Shape? I don’t care. I don’t even remember which painting it was. I just remember it felt very good afterwards. Like I had been cleansed!

Time to time I like to give a shout out to another artist I have seen and noted.  Get a load of this guy.  I just happened on this site while looking for negative comments about abstraction. Swarez   lives the life and negative comments is not what I got. All I could think of was raw freedom! I hope you enjoy his work and comments as much as I.